additional note on 2016:

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Fuck 2016.
Fuck it.

Wow, has 2016 been a shitty year.

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Like, a really shitty year. Holy carp, 2016. Stop. Just stop. For, like, five seconds.

But the sky is pink-purple with sunset, it’s only a little chilly, and it’s time to drag together some positivity and recover.

If it’s any consolation, whilst 2016 was being shitty, I was writing Apocalypse Girl [This is the AO3 account I actually have*! and this is Tumblr, which comes with a commentary. The commentary is me flailing about my own story. Just go with it, I guess.] It’s pretty dark, which is why it’s in different spaces. And there are warnings all over the place. Read them.

Also, in the UK, Mr. Kipling has released Toffee Terrible Whirls. That’s a shortcake sandwich of something creamlike and toffee. A box of six for a pound. How can I be upset about anything when I can get those again? Mm, toffee…

There has been thought, my dear non-existent fans. Thought and rumination. There has been gardening… and patio gardening. Which did okay! For a year with terrible weather. I have Plans for next year. Muahaha. There has been the Drawing of Maps because apparently I definitely draw maps now. By hand, because I have to be inconvenient. And the writing group, of course. That is a thing I have been a part of for a worrying amount of years…

There are a handful of Dust things that are not quite attached to Dust, and some of them can be posted. I’ll work on it.

But right now, I just want a cup of fruit tea. Ciao.



S. A. Jinks



* It’s in Original Works. I’m not against fanfiction in any definition of the term, I love to read it** but really suck at writing other people’s characters. I’ll stick to what I’m good at.

** But if we’re talking about fanfic of Dust, my completely non-existent fanbase, let’s talk about that at a later time***.

*** That will probably never happen because I will never have a fanbase, let’s face it.

Dust at the Wall: 3.38

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Blood over water, stone over sand.

Heinmast family motto.


In the underground headquarters, Gregor sat, and Ionas slouched against the wall. Oh, he missed that salve. Standing for an hour, and already bruised muscle pulsed agony at him. He needed to sleep…

He needed to find Sarea. But I know where she is. He pulled a face. Right where she shouldn’t be.

Tolle Range ducked through the passage in the corner, red faced. “No sign of Mae in the bathhouse or her rooms,” he said. “No one’s seen either of them since yesterday. Do you know what Edith Aldhouse did? Pushed her around until the poor girl snapped! That damn woman.”

He stopped in the middle of the room.

“I have people searching her known hiding places,” he said, “But the odds aren’t good. Mae’s assigned to a long term scouting mission.”

“The West Side, Gregor rumbled, and frowned.

Ionas shivered. Of course she’s there. “Sarea would volunteer,” he muttered.

“And two mothers were visited by Commander Jorge himself,” Tolle said, hand tightening on the hilt of his sword. “But no Instigators have been recalled.”

Gregor rose. “We must assume he has them. Strike now.” More


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I am a terrible, terrible person. So dreadful. Let’s just go with: the brainweather got stormy, roughly in alignment with the weed pollen season; I do have my suspicions about the trigger of that bout of probably-anxiety-or-something, indeed. Sigh.

A-hah! But I can produce something fun to be read whilst I… uh… get my house back in order. Be up shortly.

I fucked up.

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Mistepped, majorly, in the story, and stalled because everything felt wrong. But – it’s fixed now! And maybe this will get back on track! Hello, internet. One terribly-organised-irrepressibly-pantsing writer is back. Again.

Sorry about that.

– Jinx


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Look, thinks I. I have 3.27 done, and most of 3.28. I’ll post 3.27 on friday and catch up one of literally twenty six week’s worth of missed posts! I’m sure I can finish 3.28 in two days.

Cue migraine on Saturday.

Best laid schemes of mice and men…

3.28 will appear this week. Not tomorrow, sadly.


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If you just saw something, it wasn’t done yet! This picture post is driving me up the wall. Ignore it. And the man behind the curtain, ta.


ded nao

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Good news: I’m going on holiday!

Bad news: three day deadline to turn out 3.02 whilst holiday stressing very bad for producing words.

Sorry, not being a good serial author blogger person this month. Everything is happening all at once! But I’ll take my time, get rest and relaxation [and a little sun? Please, british weather, a little sun?] and come back just fine next monday.

– Jinx



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So I didn’t get a chance to do the second and third passes on 3.01 due to having all my waking weekend time taken up by family. I’ll have it up for thursday.


– Jinx

Public Service Announcement

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That was the end of part two of Dust at the Wall. Part three will commence Monday, on schedule.

Welcome to Durabilis. I hope you enjoy your stay. The Instigators will be happy to listen to anything you think could be improved!

Oh, and the landing page for Dust has some cute little icons on it now.


– Jinx

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