“I have travelled even unto the end of the world, the tall walls fractured with a thousand cracks. There I pressed my ear against that strange stone and listened to the laughing of a thousand demons.

You do not want them to notice us.”

Grand Warlock Ionas

To my honoured patron,

I have done my best to fill your request, but information is hard to find. The fifth Grand Warlock held his post for only six years and nine days, and was by all accounts an erratic man. Thusly my missive is much thinner than those previously sent.

He was born, it is assumed, in a small village south of Durabilis, then the capital city of our great country. This was of course two hundred and fifty years ago, before your glorious east rose in power and prestige. His parents were, it is said, swiftly lost to disease and so he was raised in Durabilis under the care of his second cousin thrice removed.

It is recorded by his cousin that he often disappeared for long periods of time, and when he came back he seemed older and wiser in the eyes, if not the body. When he was twelve he was picked up as an apprentice by a hedge wizard whose name has been lost to history, presumably as he was lost himself two years later to a rogue Pumdrum, a species of predator recently driven to extinction.

Between then and the time he came to King Juniper the first’s attention, may his regal spirit rest, Ionas built a reputation for dealing with arcane matters and, on occasion, starting them. He was of an ageless face, it is said, but when pressed professed his age to be under thirty.

In the Year of Ascension three hundred and five, he travelled to the end of the world, the wall that surrounds the known lands. He came back mute and dumb, his clothes rags and his mind and manner that of a simpleton. He recovered, in time to rescue the King’s youngest son from a fiend beyond imagining, but became even more eldritch and bizarre. When the fourth Grand Warlock was killed, the King commanded Ionas to take his place.

I could describe the war for you, my honoured patron, but those records are not kept in my offices and the stories are told well enough by passing tinkers.

After the war, precisely two days after the victory feast, Grand Warlock Ionas went forth to the wall again. He did not return.

I will send a packet containing copied accounts for your inspection, but there is very little detail. This fact I find strange, as even the worst of the Grand Warlocks has enough recorded information for at least a full Chronicle.

Still, he seems to have been an interesting character. I will write to my friends in the lesser Archival offices and enquire regarding him.

Your servant,

Archivist Gan

Lenife Archives

He is.

– Kilin, Grand Warlock

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