Why do you always ask the foolish questions? There’s more knowledge in your books than in the whole of the Cathedral. How can I know more about the Wall than you, my silly boy?

The numbers say it’s been nine hundred years, five months, and six days since they raised it, that the first crack appeared five hundred years, two months, and thirty days ago, and the last three days ago. That’s the facts. The rest is assumed from old stories with lost details, and stories like that are as bad as rumours.

Some say seven people raised it. Or ten. Or that the old families, the ones that aren’t allowed to die, did it. Who knows? For all I care the Wall was built brick by brick by a hunt of squirrels. What I know is that it holds back the darkness and that’s all the matter in the world. They’re laughing in the darkness.

Here, I’ll tell you what you don’t want to hear. On still nights, I can hear them. Pounding. I can feel the Wall trembling after they hit it, even if it’s half the world away. The darkness is laughing because for all the Wall stands, it’s not good enough to hold up to them for long. Didn’t you notice all them wars, boy? All the people angry at each other? The great people brought to their knees?

There are cracks that go right through. The darkness can’t get in, but it can send a shadow, and that shadow is destroying us.

Take that to mister Grand Warlock Kilin Heinmast, for all the good it’ll do you. Not until someone finds the sun.


Thorn Gan

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