The Perihelion Cycle

The Perihelion Cycle is a series of short stories. It is, in part, about heroes and the cost of being cast in a heroic tale, but mostly it’s about what happened when a village girl fell in love. With a bit more fantasy to it.


Arc One

Spinning in Circles [part one] [part two]

No Sight to See [part one] [part two]

Eyes Too Wide [part one] [part two] [part three]

I recommend re-reading the first story after the second or third for completeness if anyone is at all confused, because very few of my projects function as conventional stories. I really wish more did.


Arc Two

Tangled Together [part one] [part two]

War of Mirrors

I suspect War of Mirrors is going to be big. Trigger warning: the relationship involved in the second arc is not going to be healthy. At all.


Arc Three

Taken for Granted

Pyres of Pride

Legacy of Lies

The third arc is between the other two. Arc one and two are the main plot, this is the subplots. I simply can’t let these characters go into the dark hurting. It’s also nowhere near complete.

I hope you enjoy.

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