Dust at the Wall

“The world is contained within the Wall. We’re told this as if it is true. But is it really? A wall is a boundary. A boundary has two sides. Surely there’s a greater space beyond.

Our world is inside the Wall. That is true enough for me.”

Gavirn Sahar Durasoona


Sarea lives alone on the edge of society, a hedge witch to a small village. She has few friends, but there’s a roof over her head and food to eat, and that’s all she needs.

But all that changes when she finds an unconscious man on her doorstep. His name is Ionas Pachin, and he is over three hundred years old. He’s fighting in a war older than the ancient Wall itself. He will take her away and expose her to a beautiful, dark world of demons and the people who fight them.

This is the last round of the war. The Wall is cracking. The demons behind it are laughing. There is one chance left to save the last of humanity, and Sarea is it. Struggling to learn how to use her magic, caught between the secrets Ionas keeps and the lies he tells, she isn’t going to be saving anything soon.

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Part One – South of Durabilis

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Part Two – On The Road

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Part Three – Sunlight over the City

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